HOW TO SOLO WINCH – Recover your 4WD


HOW TO SOLO WINCH – Recover your 4WD // If you go 4wding on your own or find yourself in a situation where there’s no one else then you need to know how to winch yourself out.

There are a number of 4×4 winching techniques but this video specifically shows you how to winch from a tree to pull yourself out of a tough situation. Winching a 4×4 requires massive amounts of thought, preparation and safety. Solo recovery is no easy task and you need to think it through because more often than not if you stuff up your own recovery you have no more options.

Knowing how to winch a 4×4 is a necessary skill if you plan on going offroad at all. Whether it’s your own vehicle or a mate, knowing 4×4 recovery techniques is one of the best things to get a handle on!

So, if you’re keen to learn more about 4×4 winch recovery then stick around – this video is for you!

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